The Sustainability Reporting Performance of the DOW 30 | 2018

You have reached our 2018 report. Click the link below to view the latest report.

In our latest report, we present our research into the environmental sustainability reporting trends within the DOW 30 – America’s largest companies.

Download the Sustainability Reporting Performance of the DOW 30 to find out how companies are managing climate risk and future proofing business operations; innovating to maximize on energy and emissions reductions opportunities; responding to legislation and investor calls for action; and shifting towards a low-carbon economy.

  • 80% report Scope 3 emissions
  • 50% of companies have commit to set or have already set SBTs
  • 87% of companies use renewable energy
  • 13% mention or align with recommendations set out by the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosure

For all the insights, as well as the DOW 30 sustainability leader table, which ranks companies on their performance and acknowledges the pioneering climate leaders, download the full report now.


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