The Opportunity in Carbon Neutrality

Posted by Meriem Belhamra on 19-Jun-2018 13:45:38


Since COP21 and the adoption of the Paris Agreement, a growing number of nations and businesses have pledged to take action on climate change and made a commitment to a common goal: carbon neutrality.

What does carbon neutrality really mean to your business and why should you consider a carbon neutral commitment?

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3 reasons to be hopeful about tackling climate change in 2018

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 10-Jan-2018 09:06:24

We all worked hard during the past year to continue to shift the dial on combatting dangerous climate change.

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4 ways the Paris Agreement is being put into action

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 08-Aug-2017 16:09:22

Media headlines about climate change are largely focused on problems, obstacles and challenges. Bad news sells, right? One of the most covered news story of 2017 is Donald Trump withdrawing from the Paris Agreement – and it's right that it should get so much attention because it’s a big deal.

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The impact of Brexit on environmental policy in the UK

Posted by Stuart Lemmon on 28-Jul-2017 09:02:14

Last Friday (21st July) saw Michael Gove make his first keynote speech as Environment Secretary. It would be safe to say that his appointment to the role was not universally welcomed and in some quarters actively feared. So, what does his first speech tell us about his intentions for his new role and the impact of Brexit on environmental policy in the UK? 

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Climate-Related Financial Disclosures - 3 Things you Need to Know

Posted by Alexis Munro on 13-Jul-2017 15:17:48

In 2015 G20 countries asked the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to review how the financial sector can better take account of climate-related issues. The FSB established the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to develop consistent and coherent guidance for companies to disclose their climate-related risks. Last month the TCFD released its final “recommendations for consistent and voluntary climate related financial disclosures”.

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Uncharted Territory: Records continue to be broken as 2016 extreme climate trends continue in 2017

Posted by James Meacher on 23-Mar-2017 16:57:18

2017: Hottest Year on Record?

Earlier this year it was widely reported that 2016 had been the hottest year ever. This week the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) published its annual statement on the state of the global climate, confirming that 2016 was indeed the hottest year on record. The report states that 2016 was a full 1.1°C above the pre-industrial baseline, breaking the 2015 record by 0.06°C.

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Three areas of focus for business and sustainability during 2017

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 09-Jan-2017 15:35:10

I’ve not set resolutions this year. However, this year I have decided that I’d like to not take certain things with me into 2017. I’d like to leave the negative aspects of 2016 behind and focus on the now.

This particularly resonates for me when I think about climate change. So much was achieved in 2016 – ratification of the Paris Agreement and the ongoing march of renewable energy as an economically competitive energy source – but sometimes other events overshadowed the good news.

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How do I futureproof my business for sustainable, long-term value?

Posted by Mark Chadwick on 11-Aug-2016 15:17:16

The climate is changing, and will continue to change, as a result of increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Regardless of how quickly we reduce our emissions, a certain amount of change is now inevitable, and there will be implications for society and the businesses that serve it. Clearly, the faster we can cut emissions the lower the impact will be, but we’re now in an era of balancing action to mitigate our emissions with our plans to adapt to changes that are around the corner. 

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Climate change is key for one of the world’s largest economies

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 29-Feb-2016 15:35:37

President Obama’s eighth and final State of the Union address firmly focused on climate change. The president has been committed to action on climate change throughout his second term. By including climate change in his speech, he cements his legacy as that of a leader committed to mitigating as much as possible the risks from rising global temperatures. Furthermore, Obama called upon the nation to not “pass up the chance for American businesses to produce and sell the energy of the future”, citing investments in renewable energy such as wind and solar reducing energy costs, and stimulating the green economy.

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