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The Sustainability Reporting Performance

Sam Harris | 26.09.2017

Taking Stock of Sustainability: The Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100, IBEX 35 and CAC 40

Today Carbon Clear publishes the results of the 2017 Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100, IBEX 35 and CAC 40. The report highlights trends and leadership in environmental ...

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Emission factors

Frankie Bright | 01.09.2017

New 2017 greenhouse gas reporting emission factors

Last month the 2017 Defra greenhouse gas reporting conversion factors were released. There are several new emission factors added and some significant changes to the methodologies used to ...

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Frankie Bright | 24.08.2017

Re-imagining disclosure: Changes to CDP

CDP 2017 wrapped up at the of July. With the end of reporting season, focus now turns to next year’s disclosure. Each year CDP updates questionnaires in an effort to increase the quality and ...

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paris agreement, Climate Change

Rachel Hunter | 08.08.2017

4 ways the Paris Agreement is being put into action

Media headlines about climate change are largely focused on problems, obstacles and challenges. Bad news sells, right? One of the most covered news story of 2017 is Donald Trump withdrawing from ...

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Climate Change

Stuart Lemmon | 28.07.2017

The impact of Brexit on environmental policy in the UK

Last Friday (21st July) saw Michael Gove make his first keynote speech as Environment Secretary. It would be safe to say that his appointment to the role was not universally welcomed and in some ...

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Climate Change

Alexis Munro | 13.07.2017

Climate-Related Financial Disclosures - 3 Things you Need to Know

In 2015 G20 countries asked the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to review how the financial sector can better take account of climate-related issues. The FSB established the Task Force on ...

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Carbon Clear, EcoAct

Rachel Hunter | 13.07.2017

Industry leaders join forces to help businesses better manage climate change impacts


06:00 13 July 2017 - EcoAct Group, the climate expert and climate finance project developer headquartered in Paris, today announces the acquisition of Carbon Clear, a major player in ...

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Carbon Clear

Rachel Hunter | 05.07.2017

Making the UK's biggest companies more sustainable

Sustainability consultancy Carbon Clear is currently working with 20 FTSE 100 companies, helping them to address their business challenges in an intelligent way. 

The FTSE is a share index of 100 ...

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Joshua Holland | 20.06.2017

Sustainable Industries – Lead, Compete or Comply

The most important thing to remember when benchmarking business best practice is that no two companies are the same, and what one industry might see as an important issue could be irrelevant to ...

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Sam Harris | 13.06.2017

3 benefits of environmental sustainability

Gradually companies are beginning to embed sustainability in their business models; the paradigm is shifting from sustainability as an afterthought to sustainability as best practice. McKinsey’s ...

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