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Sustainable Development Goals

David Keddie | 12.12.2017

Using the SDGs to establish a shared common purpose

Two years on from the launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, many companies around the world are still grappling with the how best to implement them. While the broad and positive purpose ...

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compliance, euets, emissions

Stuart Lemmon | 08.12.2017

Brexit impacts on EU ETS compliance deadlines

As the UK will have left the EU by the time we reach the 2018 European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) compliance year deadline of 31st March 2019, the deadline is to be brought forward.

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Carbon Offsetting, CORSIA

Joshua Holland | 07.12.2017

What is CORSIA and how should you prepare?

Each year on the 7th December we mark the ‘International Civil Aviation Day’ in order to recognise the important role that aviation and international air travel plays in the social and economic ...

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Rachel Hunter | 22.11.2017

Four things you need to know about COP 23

The hosts for the 23rd United Nations Conference of Parties was Fiji - Bula! For practical reasons, Fiji came to the Rhine with the negotiations physically hosted in Bonn, Germany. Frank ...

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Renewable energy

Alexis Munro | 16.11.2017

The rising power of renewables

The increasing use of renewable energy is key to limiting climate change to under 2°C, the threshold set by the Paris agreement. If this limit is exceeded, climate change is expected to have ...

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Frankie Bright | 03.11.2017

CDP 2017: Global trends and key findings

This week saw the launch event for 2017 CDP disclosures. This is not only an important time of year for our clients to find out how they have performed, but is also a time to take stock of the ...

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Emily Jackson | 27.10.2017

How do I influence and inspire stakeholders in their approach to sustainability?

Successful engagement with customers, employees and suppliers is one of the key areas we assessed in our 2017 report on the Sustainability Reporting Performance of Europe’s largest companies. ...

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Non-financial reporting

Cecilia Valeri | 19.10.2017

How do I align sustainability metrics with business strategy to drive change?

In today’s complex business landscape, companies are expected to focus on improving their non-financial performance in response to a variety of stakeholders. This non-financial performance may ...

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Rachel Hunter | 10.10.2017

How do I increase the scale and ambition of carbon and energy reductions?

Recent news stories have focused on the rise and rise of renewable energy. The International Energy Agency in its assessment of renewable energy states ‘we see renewables growing by about 1,000 ...

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Frankie Bright | 04.10.2017

Understanding the risks of climate change through scenario analysis

Assessing and acknowledging the risks and opportunities of climate change has been on the agenda of forward thinking companies for some time. However, we believe that there is a more robust ...

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