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Stuart joined Carbon Clear in 2012 bringing over 17 years’ experience in Environmental Consultancy. His career includes a range of operational roles in environmental management, sustainability and risk disciplines. He also has significant experience in consulting sales, marketing and account management. Stuart has experience of working in a wide range of both private and public sectors including process industry, utilities, oil & gas, construction, property, financial services and central and local government. Stuart provides project and technical direction across a wide range of client deliverables with particular emphasis on strategy, CDP, system implementation and stakeholder engagement. Stuart has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Sciences and an MBA.

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A Blueprint for a Winning Carbon Neutral Strategy

Posted by Stuart Lemmon on 27-Jun-2018 09:19:03

The word “strategy” is derived from ancient Greek. Although then a term for the battlefield as opposed to the boardroom, its essential meaning endures: a high-level plan to achieve a long-term goal.

Today, one of our greatest battles is against climate change and the long-term goal is limiting warming to less than 2 degrees. To align themselves with this goal, nations and organisations are focusing more and more on carbon neutrality. But to achieve it, we need a robust plan. This is our blueprint for how an organisation can create a winning carbon neutrality strategy.


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Topics: low-carbon, carbon neutral, sustainability strategy

Brexit impacts on EU ETS compliance deadlines

Posted by Stuart Lemmon on 08-Dec-2017 10:00:59

As the UK will have left the EU by the time we reach the 2018 European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) compliance year deadline of 31st March 2019, the deadline is to be brought forward.

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Topics: compliance, euets, emissions

The impact of Brexit on environmental policy in the UK

Posted by Stuart Lemmon on 28-Jul-2017 09:02:14

Last Friday (21st July) saw Michael Gove make his first keynote speech as Environment Secretary. It would be safe to say that his appointment to the role was not universally welcomed and in some quarters actively feared. So, what does his first speech tell us about his intentions for his new role and the impact of Brexit on environmental policy in the UK? 

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Topics: Climate Change

What is a sustainability strategy?

Posted by Stuart Lemmon on 14-Feb-2017 16:18:53

Derived from ancient Greek, the word strategy refers to a high level plan to achieve a long term goal. If our long term goal is to have zero impact on our climate, how does a sustainability strategy support that?

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Topics: sustainability

How do I build a business case that will kick start sustainability in my business?

Posted by Stuart Lemmon on 12-Jul-2016 17:21:32

When discussing strategy and sustainability there is, I think, a danger of lapsing into what one of my colleagues affectionately calls “management dude speak”. However, done well, a strategic approach should help manage risks and make the most of opportunities. Here we expand on some of these themes and whilst aiming to keep the dude speak to a minimum!

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