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Louisa joined Carbon Clear in 2015 as an analyst. She completed a master’s at UCL in Environment, Science and Society with areas of study covering sustainable development, sustainable consumption and environmental management. Before that she studied Biological Sciences specialising in human physiology. She also has experience working on a conservation project in Honduras.

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Science Based Targets - What, why and how?

Posted by Louisa O’Connell on 20-Jun-2018 15:13:29

In the latest news from the movement for science-based targets, the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) have launched a new service for target validation, which will be available from 31st August this year. The service has been designed to increase the speed of validation (within 20 business days) and provide businesses with more in-depth feedback from target reviewers.

The new service will be subject to a cost of USD 5,000 per submission (includes up to two target assessments). Although the existing free service will continue to be available until the end of the year, please note that from 2019 this will be discontinued and the new cost and service will apply to any submissions to the SBTi.

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Topics: Science based targets, SBTi, emissions targets

5 reasons why your company should respond to CDP

Posted by Louisa O’Connell on 14-Mar-2017 11:18:41

CDP recently published the materials companies need to be able to submit a disclosure to the 2017 investor led questionnaires (climate change, forests, water). The extent and breadth of this material and the questionnaires themselves may sometimes seem overwhelming.

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