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Alexis joined Carbon Clear in 2017 as an analyst. She holds a Merit in MSc Climate Change Science and Policy from the University of Bristol, with areas of study covering climatic science, Earth System Modelling and international climate governance. Before that she studied Physical Geography at UCL specialising in paleoclimates. She also has experience working with community projects in Namibia.

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The rising power of renewables

Posted by Alexis Munro on 16-Nov-2017 09:12:54

The increasing use of renewable energy is key to limiting climate change to under 2°C, the threshold set by the Paris agreement. If this limit is exceeded, climate change is expected to have devastating and irreversible impacts. Electricity generation is a vital part of meeting the goals as it reduces the amount of fossil fuels burnt for energy. The IEA predict that by 2040 renewables will make up 40% of total power generation. Denmark current leads the field in renewable energy generation with 59% of its power coming from renewables.

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Climate-Related Financial Disclosures - 3 Things you Need to Know

Posted by Alexis Munro on 13-Jul-2017 15:17:48

In 2015 G20 countries asked the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to review how the financial sector can better take account of climate-related issues. The FSB established the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to develop consistent and coherent guidance for companies to disclose their climate-related risks. Last month the TCFD released its final “recommendations for consistent and voluntary climate related financial disclosures”.

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