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Emily Jackson | 29.03.2016

The Natural Capital Protocol

As a society, we are collectively depleting our natural capital at a rate of 50% more per year than the earth can replenish. At this rate, if depletion continues to accelerate, it is absolutely ...

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Emily Jackson | 16.03.2016

Osborne's 2016 budget and the UK's energy and environmental policies

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, today delivered the 2016 Budget.

Amongst the announcements made, Osborne stated that businesses find the CRC energy efficiency scheme a burden and ...

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Annabell James | 14.03.2016

CDP 2016 – Four changes to the questionnaire you need to know about

Every year CDP updates the questionnaires in an effort to increase the quality and transparency of company disclosures, as well as to keep up with changing best practice in sustainability ...

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Rachel Hunter | 07.03.2016

Carbon Clear becomes a member of Business in the Community

Carbon Clear have joined UK charity Business in the Community (BITC), strengthening the company's commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

BITC aims to develop ...

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Rachel Hunter | 03.03.2016

What the EU Referendum could mean for UK energy and carbon regulation

The date of the EU referendum has been announced. Politicians, business leaders and anyone with access to social media have voiced opinions and hammered their flag to the ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’ mast.

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Sonya Likhtman | 02.03.2016

COP21 and The City - five things to think about

The Paris Agreement resulting from COP21 was kind of a big deal. It demonstrated the shifting political resolve towards addressing climate change and moving the world towards a low carbon future. ...

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Rachel Hunter | 02.03.2016

Our clients rate Carbon Clear services 9/10!

We recently asked our clients what they thought about working with Carbon Clear. We were overwhelmed with the feedback and our final rating of 9/10 from the questionnaire that covered areas ...

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