Providing confidence in renewable energy

Posted by Lucy Haines on 24-Jul-2018 11:46:57

With the Paris Agreement and the stark realities of climate change now pressing concerns, businesses are under mounting pressure to reduce their carbon footprints and account for their climate-related risks. Purchasing renewable energy is a vital part of business strategies to do just that, as well as to achieve their carbon neutral ambitions.

The good news is, there are renewable energy products that exist for businesses to enable them to purchase renewable energy, but at a time when transparency and accountability are intrinsically linked to reputation, it is vitally important that both suppliers and business customers alike have confidence in the renewable products on the market.

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New Regulation will Drive a Tenfold increase in Mandatory Carbon Reporting

Posted by Lucy Haines on 19-Jul-2018 10:25:12

Yesterday the UK Government published its plans for the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations. It outlines the new mandatory reporting framework which will replace the existing CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme due to end in 2019.

The SECR is designed to streamline and reduce complexity in the carbon and energy reporting landscape as well as broaden the scope for reporting compliance. This will mean almost a tenfold increase in the number of companies required to comply with energy and carbon reporting legislation.

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Topics: CRC, Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting, Carbon Reporting, emissions, CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

Credible Carbon Credits: There is More to Offsetting than you Think

Posted by Lucy Haines on 12-Jul-2018 10:37:33

There is a certain amount of cynicism around the term ‘offsetting’. Much of this comes from doubts surrounding whether or not schemes actually deliver the carbon savings promised, concern over double-counting and a view that they are simply a convenient greenwashing mechanism.

However, there is more to offsetting than you might think and the rigorous practices and standards of high quality carbon credits provide more assurance that outcomes are, not only measurable and verified, but also make it a requirement that they provide additional value beyond merely compensating for emissions.

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Plug In to the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Posted by Taiwo Ademola on 04-Jul-2018 14:03:36

Electric vehicles (EVs) have got the world’s attention. From Prince Charles implementing them into the royal fleet, to the UK and France proposing a ban on sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, EVs are hard to ignore. This shift has made industry and business more conscious about vehicle emissions, particularly in light of ongoing revelations of car-makers fitting illegal devices and increased London emission charges due to take effect next year.

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Good News for Your Carbon Footprint: The UK is going Green

Posted by Helena Nathan-King on 27-Jun-2018 09:47:47

Earlier this month, DEFRA released their 2018 greenhouse gas reporting conversion factors. This year, there have been some changes to the methodologies used, as well as some key headline figures illustrating the UK’s (and beyond) progress towards carbon neutrality.

The changes seen are important for companies in terms of reporting their emissions, as any significant year on year changes in conversion factors will impact the emissions from activities and, consequently, a company’s carbon footprint.

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A Blueprint for a Winning Carbon Neutral Strategy

Posted by Stuart Lemmon on 27-Jun-2018 09:19:03

The word “strategy” is derived from ancient Greek. Although then a term for the battlefield as opposed to the boardroom, its essential meaning endures: a high-level plan to achieve a long-term goal.

Today, one of our greatest battles is against climate change and the long-term goal is limiting warming to less than 2 degrees. To align themselves with this goal, nations and organisations are focusing more and more on carbon neutrality. But to achieve it, we need a robust plan. This is our blueprint for how an organisation can create a winning carbon neutrality strategy.


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EcoAct Group & CDP Announce Extended Global Partnership to Better Facilitate Climate-related Disclosures

Posted by Rachel Hunter on 25-Jun-2018 13:42:57

Global climate change solutions provider EcoAct Group has been confirmed as a Gold Partner for the CDP reporting scheme that sees more than 7000 companies sharing climate-related information each year.

The three-year CDP global consultancy partnership will see EcoAct Group offering expertise, guidance and insight to reporting companies. The partnership follows an exciting year for EcoAct with the Group acquiring UK-based consultancy Carbon Clear, expanding existing operations and client relationships in France, USA and South Europe to cover the UK, Spain and North Europe.

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Topics: CDP, TCFD, Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, Sustainability Reporting, EcoAct

Science Based Targets - What, why and how?

Posted by Louisa O’Connell on 20-Jun-2018 15:13:29

In the latest news from the movement for science-based targets, the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) have launched a new service for target validation, which will be available from 31st August this year. The service has been designed to increase the speed of validation (within 20 business days) and provide businesses with more in-depth feedback from target reviewers.

The new service will be subject to a cost of USD 5,000 per submission (includes up to two target assessments). Although the existing free service will continue to be available until the end of the year, please note that from 2019 this will be discontinued and the new cost and service will apply to any submissions to the SBTi.

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The Opportunity in Carbon Neutrality

Posted by Meriem Belhamra on 19-Jun-2018 13:45:38


Since COP21 and the adoption of the Paris Agreement, a growing number of nations and businesses have pledged to take action on climate change and made a commitment to a common goal: carbon neutrality.

What does carbon neutrality really mean to your business and why should you consider a carbon neutral commitment?

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Solving our Plastics Problem: Is this the perfect storm?

Posted by Lucy Haines on 04-Jun-2018 17:06:47

 It has been known for some time that we have a plastics problem. In fact, plastic pollution in the oceans was first reported 50 years ago. Since then the magnitude of the problem has grown exponentially. Sadly, we’ve remained addicted to plastics and been unable to mobilise to solve the problem, with devastating consequences.

This weekend the world lamented the death of a pilot whale who starved having swallowed 80 plastic bags. Amidst the increasingly common stories of tragedy and the media storm that now surrounds the topic of plastics, the atmosphere is beginning to feel different. The playing field is changing.

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