EcoAct whitepaper:
Laying the Foundations for Transformation

Build a resilient and competitive business within planetary boundaries

The growing urgency to address climate change and biodiversity loss calls for a profound shift in the way businesses conduct their operations. Embracing this transformation not only allows organisations to effectively mitigate the risks posed by climate change and nature's decline, changing regulation and stakeholders’ expectations, but also opens up numerous opportunities for innovation, long-term resilience, and sustainable growth.

Within this shift, organisations must clearly set out the details of how they will achieve their climate and sustainability targets as well as how they will contribute to global net-zero delivery, by means of a robust climate transition plan. A climate transition plan is a time-bound, detailed roadmap that articulates an organisation’s strategic alignment with the latest and most ambitious climate science recommendations.

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  • The transformation imperative
  • Key steps to successful transition planning
  • EcoAct's approach to help organisations navigate the complexities and obstacles of transitioning to net-zero 
  • How to leverage the opportunities from the business transformation process. 
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