The Big eBook of
Sustainability Reporting Frameworks

Which framework should you report to? How should you report? What are the benefits? 

This eBook catalogues some of the major voluntary and mandatory climate and energy frameworks. For each, we include a high-level analysis of the framework’s requirements and a summary of its distinct criteria and unique benefits as a tool for reporting. Download for:

  • High-level analysis of key energy and emissions frameworks 
  • Breakdown of sustainability reporting frameworks 
  • Breakdown of frameworks for financial institutions - Added new for 2024 edition
  • Summary of who must comply, what is reported and the distinct benefits 
  • Clear and concise guide to the criteria and benefits 

This eBook is here to guide you through the acronym-laden world of sustainability reporting frameworks, to bring all the key information together into one place, and help you to find order in what might feel a little like chaos...

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