Life Cycle Assessment

Understanding the impacts
of products and services

When buying a car, a mobile phone or food, customers are now asking themselves - ‘What is the environmental impact of this product?’ ‘Is there an alternative product that produces lower carbon emissions?’ Answering these questions accurately isn’t easy, as many factors need to be considered but a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can help.

LCA is an internationally recognized, science-based methodology that assesses the potential environmental impacts of a product or service throughout its life from raw material extraction, manufacture, distribution and use, to end-of-life disposal, recycling or reuse.

This factsheet looks at:

  • The purpose of an LCA
  • EcoAct’s five-step approach
  • How to get the most out of the LCA
  • How to use an LCA to drive innovation, support communications and make the right choices for your products and services
LCA mock-up 2

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