Digital decarbonisation: The key enabler for corporate decarbonisation

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Climate change and cybersecurity are identified by the World Economic Forum in the top 5 imminent global economic risks in terms of both impact and likelihood.

The global momentum towards a net zero future is growing fast.

Digitisation, fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, is happening at pace.

The global economy is changing, and organizations need to act, alongside governments, to ensure future security and sustainability. This presents an opportunity for businesses to find new ways of working, building reputational and competitive advantage.

Digitisation and decarbonisation will need to move forward together to ensure that digitisation acts as a driver for change in the next decade and beyond.

In this factsheet we discuss: 

  • Digital for decarbonisation strategy
  • Reducing IT footprint
  • Digital decarbonisation of industry
  • Digital enhancement of offsetting
Digital Decarbonisation for Net Zero Factsheet Asset -Eng

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