CRaFT: The Carbon Reduction & Feasibility Tool

Setting a target may be relatively straightforward, now how are you going to achieve it?

The increasing urgency of the climate crisis means that businesses are under growing pressure to set ambitious emissions reduction targets. With only a closing window of time remaining for adequate action, it is really important that we set these targets, but also that we have a robust strategy for achieving them.

How confident are you in your climate target? What measures will you need to implement and what will it cost? How are you going to demonstrate feasibility and gain buy-in from the wider business?

In this Factsheet, we demonstrate how to:

  • Forecast emissions
  • Set a science-based target or a Net Zero target with confidence
  • Gain buy-in for climate initiatives and support decision-making
  • Track progress to a target

Whether you have already set a target or are planning to set one, in this Factsheet we demonstrate how one platform can help you find a successful pathway to your climate ambitions.

The Carbon Reduction & Feasibility Tool: CRaFT

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