Responding to CDP in 2023?

As a CDP Gold accredited provider, we have experience helping organisations to disclose against the framework and increase their score.

Download our new Factsheet for everything you need to know about CDP and the latest questionnaire updates.
Whether you are a long-time CDP responder or this is your first reporting cycle, our factsheet will help you to prepare with:

  • An overview of CDP and the questionnaires
  • The questionnaire updates in 2023
  • A summary of the new sector-specific questions
  • Advice on how to maximise your disclosure
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"CDP’s extensive, sector-specific questionnaires provide a framework to track and develop robust net-zero strategies. Disclosing through CDP helps companies identify and address gaps in their current environmental strategies and take action to plan for a low-carbon future."
Caoimhe Costigan, Consultant & Technical Lead on CDP at EcoAct Northern Europe